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Basak Muhallebi Sakizli 150 Gr

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Basak brand D, which has a place in Turkish cuisines with confidence, will be one of the sweets you will enjoy when you host your friends, one of the popular members of the traditional flavours series that allows Turkish women to cook traditional Ottoman desserts much more easily. Bringing the Aegean to our kitchens with its scent, mastic gum will enchant you. You will not be able to get enough of this miracle, which is formed by the introduction of cheapest supermarket mastic gum into pudding, which is the simplest and classic dessert known.

Basak Custard with Mastic Gum150 G

Basak Gum Custard, which requires only margarine and 750 ml of milk as an additional ingredient, has 150 g of perfect mix. To prepare it, pour three and a half glasses of milk into a saucepan and add the whole package to it. A tablespoon of cheapest supermarket margarine should be added to the pudding, which is cooked by stirring over medium heat, after boiling. It should be cooked for a few minutes on low heat, stirring, and left to cool. The cooled pudding should be whipped with a mixer at the lowest speed for a few minutes and taken into bowls. Custard, which is poured into moulds instead of bowls and kept in the refrigerator overnight, can be cut and served cold by adding sauce and fruit to it.

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