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Basak Icing Sugar (Pudra Sekeri) 200 Gr

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Basak Powdered Sugar does not clump and is fluid. Powdered sugar, which is used in cookies, desserts, sauces and many other recipes, is a delicacy that should always be found in the kitchen. Thanks to its locked packaging, you have the chance to store it for a long time. There is a trace amount of vanilla flavour in the Turkish grocery product.

Basak Powdered Sugar 200 G

You can use it for making and decorating cakes, cookies, pastries, creams, milk desserts, fruit salads. Sprinkle the desired amount of powdered sugar on the product during the service. Consume immediately. You can find all the products you can use in Turkish grocery pastry and pastry making on the Best Grocery market. At the same time, you can reach very delicious recipes with ready-made desserts and easily prepared dessert products. We offer you wonderful products that you can consume with your family and loved ones.

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