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Basak Corn Starch (Misir Nisastasi) 200 g

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Basak Corn Starch 200 g, which allows you to catch wonderful tastes in the kitchens, comes to your tables from the Turkish market home baking section. You can safely choose starch, which contains all the benefits of legumes, grains and potatoes, in the nutrition of your family and especially your children.

Basak Corn Starch 200 g

Corn starch, which provides a natural thickening feature in all kinds of meals and treats with its gluten-free content, can be preferred instead of flour from time to time as it performs the same function. You can create wonderful tastes by taking starch, which is offered for sale in its 200 gram closed coloured box, among the main foods in your kitchens. If you wish, you can use it in treats such as cookies, cakes, pastries and pastries that you will prepare for your guests. The remaining part of the Turkish market starch after use can be stored in its functional closed package until the expiration date.

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