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Basak Corn Flour (Misir Unu) 400g

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Basak Corn Flour 400 g Basak Corn Flour 400 g, which is available in the Home Baking section, stands out with its versatile usage area. Basak Corn Flour, which is offered to you in a 250 gram economic cheapest supermarket size package, can be stored for long periods in the refrigerator and freezer without opening the package. Flour, which is started to be used by opening the package, should be stored in a cool and dry environment in a sealed container so that it does not lose its nutritional value and colour.

Basak Corn Flour 400g

You can prepare breads, pastries and desserts with Basak Corn Flour in your kitchen; you can fry meat, fish. You can also use cornmeal as a sealant or adhesive when making breadcrumbs. You can use in every recipe; you can add the cheapest supermarket product that is useful for your family and yourself, to your cart, and add flavour to your delicious recipes with a local finishing touch.

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