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Basak Chocolate Almond Pudding 105 Gr

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While chocolate is already an excellent flavour on its own, imagine that almond pieces are included in this flavour. Here is Basak Chocolate Almond Pudding, which carries perfection to another dimension with London Turkish market real almond pieces, just the taste you envision! You can add joy to the atmosphere by sweetening this magnificent flavour at home.

Basak Chocolate Almond Pudding 105 G

Moreover, you can use your creativity to evaluate chocolate almond pudding in different recipes. Cakes, cookies, milk desserts and more... You can use Basak Chocolate Almond Pudding in anything you think would suit chocolate and almonds. You can choose this sweet London Turkish market product to prepare sweet surprises for your family or loved ones. Now you can easily order from our online market shelves. We wish you all a pleasant shopping experience.

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