Basak Baking Powder Sachets (Kabartma Tozu) 5*10g — Best Grocery
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Basak Baking Powder Sachets (Kabartma Tozu) 5*10g

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Basak Baking Powder Sachets 5*10g, one of the useful and great helpers of the kitchen, is indispensable for the production process of many foods. Thanks to the components in its content, it helps you to create best supermarket products that are both delicious and high in visual quality, and your presentations go well. It has an important place in professional kitchens and home kitchens due to its ease of use and saving time.

Basak Baking Powder Sachets 5*10g

You can use the product as an auxiliary material in pastries by mixing it with flour. You can use it in the production of best supermarket foods such as cakes, pastries, cookies, or if a recipe includes baking powder, the product will come to your aid. Another task of the dry mix, which can make the fermentation process quickly, is to lighten the pastries coming out of your kitchen by allowing the dough to breathe.

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