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Bagci Stuffed Green Olive (Biberli Yesil Zeytin) Pet 700 Gr

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It offers the advantage of easy consumption by taking the seeds of Bagci Stuffed Green Olive. It has a unique taste with red pepper stuffed into green olives with healthy fat content. The product, which contains antioxidant vitamins and minerals, is among the top choices of olive lovers. You can consume this natural and healthy cheapest supermarket product whenever you want.

Bagci Stuffed Green Olive Pet 700 G

Bagci Stuffed Green Olive Pet can be used to make all kinds of donuts, pastries and pizzas. Since it is seedless, olives can be easily consumed by small children, and can be added to salads and canapé recipes prepared on special occasions. Adding colour to your cheapest supermarket breakfast tables thanks to the harmonious taste of pepper and olive, Bagci Stuffed Green Olive Pet 700 G ‌can be easily found on the online shelves of our market.

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Lawrence Stevens
Fantastic company

This is one of the best stores that I have ordered from, if something goes wrong they sort it out for you, I have ordered many times from them and cannot fault them.

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