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Bagci Grilled Green Olives (Izgara Zeytin) 700 G

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Bagci Olive Company produces in the village of Gemic, where blue and green meet in the Orhangazi district of Bursa. Bagci Zeytin takes its flavour from the position that nature offers it. We leave our products, which are tasted with the wind coming from the sea, collected by hand one by one from the branch and produced meticulously, to the skilled hands. With years of cheapest supermarket experience, our team of researchers who update themselves frequently, and our management that attaches importance to innovation as much as production, we strive to make healthy and high-quality production.

Bagci Grilled Green Olives 700 G

Grilled olives are a completely different flavour that makes even people who don't like green olives love olives! We offer this cheapest supermarket olive, which is produced by pressing the real Aegean olives in special grill machines after drying and waiting, marinating them with garlic and thyme. You can use this olive, which you can combine with different spices (pepper, pizza sauce, etc.) according to your taste, in salads as you wish, and add it directly to your tables to add a completely different flavour to your breakfast tables.

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