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Anthap Yellow Dried Apricot Jumbo (Kuru Kayisi Jumbo) 180 gr

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Thanks to the vitamins and minerals it contains, dried apricots take their place on the table with its nutritional value. The drying process also increases the nutritional value. Dried cheapest supermarket apricots, which are beneficial for digestion and intestinal health, also take their place in diet lists. Dried apricot, which is a delicious nut, is preferred for snacks due to its fibre content. In addition to the feeling of satiety, the nutritional value it contains is also effective for skin health. It allows you to choose the black and yellow dried apricot species that suits your taste, and its use with different desserts plays a role in increasing the flavour.

Anthap Yellow Apricot 180 g

How many calories in dried yellow apricots? The question manages to be a matter of curiosity. It is among the frequently preferred options for snacks, which vary according to the amount of calories. Dried apricots are also available in packages, making it possible for you to reach the desired amount. Malatya and Igdir dried apricot varieties allow you to choose the one that suits your taste, while maintaining its place among the preferences with the nutritional value it contains. It leaves the choice up to you by offering many different alternatives, from large varieties to yellow and smaller varieties. In addition to being added to diet lists, its daily consumption in certain amounts provides health benefits. Dried cheapest supermarket apricot, which is a delicious berry, is a meal for every consumer thanks to the variety it offers. It does not compromise its taste with its large, small, yellow, orange and black colours.