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Anthap Sugar Coated Chickpeas (Sekerli Leblebi) 300g

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It is a great product for sweet lovers, junk food friends and of course children. Colourful Sugar Coated Chickpeas… It is one of the classics of roasted chickpeas; it adds colour to snack plates and sweetens the mouth. Wouldn't you like to accustom your candy-loving children to healthy roasted chickpeas instead of handing them over to junk food adorned with harmful and chemical dyes? This roasted chickpea, which attracts the attention of children at first glance with its colourful structure, manages to conquer their little hearts with its taste. You can eat this best supermarket product, which is sweetened and coloured with natural food sources, even for dessert after meals, and you can meet your sweet needs in a healthy way with peace of mind.

Anthap Sugar Coated Chickpeas (Sugar Coated) 300g

Making roasted chickpeas, sugar and water are put in a bowl and boiled until the consistency of sherbet, the chickpeas are soaked in this syrup and soaked, and then starch is sprinkled on top and allowed to cool. This white, best supermarket plain roasted chickpea candy also has coloured ones, which are food dyes mixed with starch, when they are mixed, coloured chickpea candy is formed.

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