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Anthap Roasted Almond (Kavrulmus Badem) 150 gr

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Roasted almonds are among the most preferred nuts. Almonds are among the healthy and satisfying foods. Nuts are roasted so that they can be consumed longer. Almond is used in many areas such as skin health and medicine. Especially pregnant women are recommended to consume London Turkish market roasted almonds. Almonds play an important role in baby development. If you are looking for an exercise while watching movies and series, you can try roasted almonds.

Anthap Roasted Almonds 150 g

Almond, which is one of the indispensables of Turkish palate, is a high source of calcium, potassium, magnesium, and provides great benefits in reducing fatigue, fatigue and bone and muscle structure. We are very happy to deliver healthy products that do not contain this additive to our valued customers on our online shelves. You can have these healthy London Turkish market snacks by ordering right now. We wish you all happy shopping and healthy days...

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