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Anthap Raw Almond (Cig Badem) 150 gr

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Anthap, which brings together consumers with the freshness of the first day and delicious best grocery stores products with high nutritional value, provides high service in meeting all kinds of dried nuts needed. Anthap Raw Almonds, with its high mineral and vitamin content, has the feature of being a healing store, and it also promises high pleasure in terms of taste.

Anthap Raw Almonds 150 g

Anthap Raw Almonds, which has an extremely high content of magnesium, is a nutritional source almost equivalent to cow's milk. Although it is known for its high contributions to brain and mental development, it is also extremely effective on cholesterol and helps prevent bad cholesterol. Best grocery stores raw almonds, which contribute to the strengthening of the immune system, also have high benefits in terms of bone health. It also has a very decisive feature in terms of heart health. Along with contributing to the regular functioning of the digestive system, it also gives the energy needed during the day.

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