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Anthap Natural Brown Apricot ( Dogal Gun Kurusu Kayisi) 180 gr

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Indispensable for diets, the solution to sweet crises, brown apricot is considered popular among consumers as well as dieticians. Brown apricot makes a difference with its taste, organic feature, being easy to carry in the bag and eliminating sugar crises in a short time. This Turkish market product, which can be used in desserts, can also be consumed as it is. The benefits of sun dried, which takes its name from the natural drying process, also cause it to be preferred more than normal apricots. Brown apricot is a favourite of those who host both healthy and delicious foods in their kitchen.

 Anthap Natural Brown Apricot 180 g

How many calories in brown apricot are among the most curious questions. The fruit, which plays the leading role in diet lists, contains an average of 25 kcal energy. Does Turkish market brown apricot make you gain weight? Of course, if it is consumed a lot, brown apricot will make you gain weight like any other food. However, eating 3 sun dried snacks as a snack will both keep you full and help you suppress hunger with fewer calories. In 1 natural brown apricot; it contains 5.05 grams of carbohydrates, 0.06 grams of fat, 1.12 grams of fibre, 1.2 mg of sodium, 165.4 mg of potassium, 10 mg of calcium, 158.9 mg of vitamin A, 4.25 mg of vitamin C, 0.38 mg of iron. Dried apricots do not contain cholesterol and increase body resistance with its rich nutritional value.