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Anthap Isot Hot Chili Pepper Flakes (Aci Isot Pul Biberi) 90g

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This spice, which attracts attention with its name, has different varieties. Diversity increases as the materials used in production vary. This product, which is beneficial for health, has different alternatives that can be chosen according to taste. Black pepper is one of the most popular Turkish market chili peppers that add flavour to food. Black pepper flakes, also known as isot, are used in the preparation of various appetizers.

Anthap Isot Hot Chili Pepper Flakes 90g

Isot, one of the indispensable ingredients of raw meatballs, attracts attention with its unique bitter aroma. If you like the bitter aroma that isot adds to dishes, you can examine the product range and easily find the one that is suitable for you. Oily chili pepper obtained by using vegetable oils is one of the foods that are useful for removing toxins from the body. You can help accelerate blood circulation by purchasing this product. Thanks to this Turkish market product, which will add a different flavour to your meals, you can prepare your meal in a healthy way and enjoy a feast of taste. Chili peppers with seeds, which will leave a mark on the palate with their bitter taste, attract attention with their unique aroma. This product, preferred for its superior taste, takes its place in kitchens with its dense consistency and assertive taste. Sweet chili peppers in powder form, which are frequently preferred in sauces and meat dishes, are obtained from red sweet peppers.

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