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Anthap Golden Raisins Without Seed (Sari Cekirdeksiz Sultana Kuru Uzum) 150gr

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One of the most beneficial foods among dried fruit options, raisins are among the most frequently consumed products. In particular, the usage areas of the seedless options are spread over a wide range. For this reason, Turkish market raisins are heavily used within the Anthap brand.

Anthap Golden Raisins without Seed 150g

Golden raisins are described as an oval seedless grape variety. Since this variety is widely grown around Izmir, it is also known as Izmir grape in Turkey. In some countries, especially commonwealth countries, raisins or larger seedless grapes made from it are called golden grapes. In the US and Canada, all raisins are called "raisins", so the breakfast cereal known as "sultana bran" in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom is called raisin bran in the United States and Canada. You can easily order this healthy Turkish market product right now.

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