Anthap Flavoured Coated Chips Peanut (Soslu Cips Fistik) 250g — Best Grocery
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Anthap Flavoured Coated Chips Peanut (Soslu Cips Fistik) 250g

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This wonderful snack variety with roasted peanuts is now on your tables with Anthap quality! Order online at an affordable cheapest supermarket price now, and get your Anthap honey and sesame pistachio to your feet! You can safely order with the difference of Ufresh. We bring this unique taste, which we consume abundantly at our tables, breakfasts and conversations, and which we offer to our loved ones, to your door with Anthap quality.

Anthap Flavoured Coated Chips Peanut 250g

As the Anthap family, we bring pistachio in its freshest form to your tables. We offer you affordable fresh nuts. You can safely include it in your pleasant conversations and consume it with your family and loved ones. Anthap, the indispensable taste of cheapest supermarket nuts, is with you with its freshness and quality! Keep it cool and dry.

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