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Anthap Fitil Sausage Delight With Pistachio & Pomegranate (Antep Fistikli Narli Sucuk) 300 gr

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Pistachio sausage is not a local dessert known to everyone. Those who hear are surprised at first by saying that this is not all. But when they look at their visuals, they come to the conclusion that it is a completely logical situation. The logic is the same as the sausage made with cheapest supermarket walnuts. When it is made with pistachio, it has a more balanced flavour. It can be preferred by different segments as it is slightly lighter. It is as thick as a little finger and has a great flavour. Pistachios are lined up one after the other, with very little space between them.

Anthap Fitil Sausage Delight with Pistachio & Pomegranate 300 g

Its mortar is prepared in the most ideal way. It is similar to the mortar of sausage made with pestil and walnuts. As is known, they are also made from grapes. We talked about the importance of quality grapes in our grape molasses article. To repeat here, Gaziantep is one of our famous provinces in the field of cheapest supermarket grapes. Since Kilis and Antep grapes are close to each other in terms of settlement, their tastes are also similar. When you look at the subject from this point of view, when both the quality of the pistachio and the quality of the external mortar are high, a tremendous flavour emerges.

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