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Anthap Dried Thyme (Dag Kekigi) 30g

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Used to add flavour to food and beverages, thyme can go well with many dishes with its aroma. Mountain thyme, which is generally found in the form of spices, is frequently used in the preparation and marinade of meat and meat products. For example, when cooking meat, users can choose Turkish grocery thyme to both suppress the smell of the meat and add a more pleasant flavour. Thyme is mostly used in meat types with a strong door, such as lamb.

Anthap Dried Thyme 30g

Some users can blend the meat with products such as soda, salt, and thyme when they want to marinate the meat. Although it is a product that goes well with all meat dishes, mountain thyme is generally preferred in red meat dishes. Barbecue, barbecue and grill are one of the most common uses. Thyme is used in cooking chicken as well as in meat dishes. You can get different flavours by sprinkling some Turkish grocery thyme while grilling or baking chicken. Apart from products such as meat and chicken, you can also use thyme in foods such as pasta, salad and soup. When you prepare a sauce for pasta, you can also add thyme to this sauce. Likewise, you can sprinkle dried mountain thyme on the salads you prepare.

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