Anthap Dried Hot Pepper (Kuru Aci Sili Atom Biber) 1 Bag (150-160 pcs) — Best Grocery
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Anthap Dried Hot Pepper (Kuru Aci Sili Atom Biber) 1 Bag (150-160 pcs)

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Anthap Dried Hot Pepper is an intensely flavoured type that will add a bitter flavour to your meals. You can choose London Turkish market dried hot peppers to add flavour to your meals. Especially in winter, it will be very suitable for dried legumes that you will cook in cast iron pots.

Anthap Dried Hot Pepper 1 Bag (150-160 pcs)

Hot pepper relieves many aches and pains in the body. Fresh cayenne pepper contains antioxidants and these antioxidants fight inflammation in the body. Hot pepper reduces blood accumulation, accelerates metabolism and helps reduce digestive problems. Vitamin A and antioxidants in it are also very useful for eye health. If you like, chili in your meals, that is good. Even if you do not like it, you can use it in your food from time to time for its benefits. A meal with a bit of London Turkish market hot chili pepper or hot red pepper sauce/paste will not burn your mouth too much. Even if a little, you get the beneficial effects of hot pepper in your body.

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