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Anthap Carrot Delight with Pistachio (Cezerye) 300g

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Cezerye is a healthy food source with the vitamins it contains. It gives long-term energy and accelerates metabolism. It is good for eye health and skin health. Prepared from the most natural products, Cezerye with Pistachio is one of our most special traditional desserts with best supermarket organic carrots, top quality pistachios and fresh coconut coating. Cezerye with Pistachio is produced by natural means and is prepared to be presented to you, our customers, in its freshest, additive-free form.

Anthap Carrot Delight with Pistachio 300g

Carrots and peanuts come together to create a healthy snack alternative for you. Carrots meet the body's fibre needs. Thanks to the fibres, the metabolism is far from being stagnant. Eye health is protected. The risk of vision loss is eliminated. It makes the skin look more lively and healthy. It supports the purification of the skin. It eliminates the risk of Alzheimer's and is beneficial for the nervous system. This best supermarket product eliminates bad odours by protecting oral health. Thanks to the sweet spices it contains, it heals the intestines and strengthens the immune system with the benefits of cezerye.

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