Ali Baba Turkish Coffee Plain (Silindir Kutuda Turk Kahvesi) 300 g — Best Grocery
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Ali Baba Turkish Coffee Plain (Silindir Kutuda Turk Kahvesi) 300 g

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Hot and cold drinks are frequently consumed in homes, workplaces, and schools. While cold drinks are preferred in the summer season, hot drinks are consumed in the winter season. However, some drinks can be consumed at any time, regardless of the season. You can consume your best supermarket drink whenever you want with Turkish coffee types suitable for every taste.

Ali Baba Turkish Coffee Plain 300 g

First, the mouth of the container in which the product is placed should be closed tightly and air should not be allowed. Coffee in contact with air loses both its smell and freshness. After choosing the right packaging, the properties of the stored environment come into play. Since coffee is a dry food, it should be kept away from moist and wet environments. Storing in a cool and dry place prolongs its shelf life. It is also important that the ambient temperature is at a certain level. High or, on the contrary, low temperature causes the best supermarket coffee aroma to lose its characteristic. For this reason, it is not considered a correct option to prefer places such as refrigerators and freezers as storage areas. The flavour and aroma of coffee is preserved for a long time under suitable conditions.

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