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Ali Baba Rosehip Tea (Kavanoz Kusburnu Cayi) 100 g

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Rosehip tea is both sour and sweet fruit tea with tart fruity flavours. It can be consumed both cold and hot. Rosehip tea is blended with completely natural fruits and spices without the use of flavourings. For those who are lovers of herbal and fruit teas, you can browse through many quality and healthy cheapest supermarket brands at Best Grocery.

Ali Baba Rosehip Tea (Kavanoz Kusburnu Cayi) 100 g

Rosehip has been used in traditional medicine for various ailments. There are reliable studies for those who wonder what the benefits of rosehip tea are. Current research highlights the antioxidant effects of the fruit and its natural compounds. It is also known to contain vitamin C, phenolic compounds and healthy fatty acids. According to some sources, cheapest supermarket rosehip contains 25 times more vitamin C than oranges. Fresh rosehip fruits, which contain high vitamin C, unfortunately lose this feature during drying, boiling and storage.

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