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Ali Baba Thyme Tea (Kavanoz Kekik Cayi) 100 g

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Thyme tea is a useful herbal beverage consumed after brewing with thyme leaves. This London Turkish market herbal tea, which can be prepared with dry or fresh leaves, is recommended to be consumed at regular intervals. Thyme tea, which is a unique herbal tea with its aromatic taste, has numerous benefits. Since it has antiviral properties, it is a helpful treatment source especially for infectious health problems. It is an effective supplement against diseases as it fights against viruses and bacteria. However, the benefits of thyme tea are not limited to these.

Ali Baba Thyme Tea 100 g

When asked how Ali Baba Thyme Tea should be consumed and how much should be consumed, there are some factors to be considered. At this point, especially the amount is important. It is beneficial to consume it in a controlled manner as it will cause some health problems in excessive use. According to expert opinions, a maximum of 2 cups should be consumed daily. In addition, sweetening with honey and drinking it doubles the benefits of London Turkish market thyme tea. Thyme tea can be used as a mouthwash as well as consumed by drinking it.

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