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Ali Baba Winter Tea (Kavanoz Karisik Bitki Cayi) 100 g

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Winter tea is formed by drying carefully grown fruits and plants collected from nature and then brewing by you. With its natural structure, it does not contain any additives and chemicals. It is offered to consumers in different types and quantities. There are many Turkish market types as packaging, brewing and usage. Production costs for each differ.

Ali Baba Mixed Winter Tea 100 g

Ingredients: Linden, Ginger, Turmeric, Ceterach Officinarun, Hibiscus, Marsh Mallow, Rosehip

This product, which stands out with its supportive effects in the treatments of many diseases that manifest themselves in the winter season, can help your resistance level and provide you with an energetic, positive, enjoyable and quality time. By supporting your body against external activity, it can help you increase your body energy thanks to its rich vitamin content. It can help reduce the risk of infectious diseases that are transmitted from person to person, usually in places such as cinemas, buses, schools, planes, hospitals, through the respiratory tract, to the lowest levels. It can help you gain resistance against diseases by supporting the immune system. Organic herbal mixture prepared with herbs can help you cope with many diseases. This Turkish market product, which contains dandelion plant, is also very popular with its diuretic, soothing properties of liver and kidney disorders. If you consume it in the right amount, in the ideal amount, you can benefit from its energizing, immune system strengthening and therapeutic support properties.