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Ali Baba Apple Tea (Kavanoz Elma Cayi) 100 g

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Before listing the benefits of dried apples, let's talk about apples briefly. It has different varieties of apples and can be grown in different climates. Apple contains vitamins A, C and B, and is rich in minerals such as potassium and iron. Thanks to its fibre content, apple; it is a common and easily accessible best supermarket fruit that has very positive effects on human health. Due to the fact that approximately 90% of the apple is water; Consumption of this fruit by drying allows us to store the apple for a long time and to consume it easily.

Ali Baba Apple Tea (Kavanoz Elma Cayi) 100 g

Ingredients: Dried Apple Cubes

Drying the apple causes the minerals and vitamins in it to become more concentrated. For maximum benefit, care should be taken that the dried apple is naturally grown best supermarket organic apples. Now what are the benefits of dried apple? Let’s look at them.

  • Dried apple, when consumed regularly, can be protective against cancer due to its antioxidant properties.
  • Dried apples support the immune system, possibly due to antioxidants. For this reason, it is recommended by experts to drink dried apples by boiling for about 10 minutes on cold winter days.
  • Moreover, due to its fibrous structure, dried apples can solve the problem of constipation. In addition, dried apple is effective against diseases such as reflux, gastritis and ulcers, such as heartburn.
  • Due to its dense fibre content, it keeps you full and is therefore recommended for people who have weight gain problems.
  • It cleans the blood, helps to lower bad cholesterol; Due to its blood pressure lowering feature, it is beneficial for high blood pressure patients to consume it.
  • It allows the water in the body to be retained for a long time, so the apple has a thirst-quenching feature.
  • It is also stated that it can help maintain dental and oral health.

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Lisa Taylor
A taste of Turkey

A lovely product, real taste of Turkey

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