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Ulker Probis Biscuit 280 gr

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The sweet biscuits segment has been attracting attention with its Ulker Probis product lately. The name of this Turkish grocery biscuit, which leaves a unique and unforgettable mark on the palate of everyone, including sweet lovers, in addition to its creamy cocoa and banana taste, also contains some secrets. The first syllable in the name of the product represents the protein and the second syllable represents the word biscuit. It is a practical and satisfying snack.

Ulker Probis Biscuit 280 g

Ulker Probis consists of a banana cream sandwiched between two round biscuits. The chocolate cream, which appears in the spaces between the geometric shapes on the cookie, appeals to both the eye and the palate. Biscuit, which gives pleasure to everyone who is interested in unusual Turkish grocery tastes, is especially preferred at tea times. Ulker Probis can be easily carried in a bag and consumed as a practical snack.


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