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Ulker Petit Beurre Biscuits 450 gr

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Ulker Petit Beurre 450g offers a perfect taste for those who want to enjoy the classic biscuit taste to its fullest. You can eat the biscuits produced with fresh milk alone or use them in your cakes. You can enjoy the taste of milk biscuits with the delicious biscuits offered in a package of four hundred and fifty grams. You can feel the freshness and smell of biscuits with the products you can find in cheapest supermarket biscuit and cake departments.

Ulker Petit Beurre Biscuits 450 g

Ulker Petit Beurre 450gr is one of the classic flavours of the Ulker brand. The brand, which has been producing biscuits and chocolate for more than fifty years, is known all over the world for its quality. Classic petit beurre biscuits are among the most consumed cheapest supermarket products of the brand, which draws attention especially with its biscuit production. The smell of the crispy biscuits produced with fresh milk is intense enough to cover the whole environment when the package is opened. You can also serve the biscuits, which are served with an insatiable taste, to your guests along with your tea or coffee. With its special package, you can consume products that keep their freshness for a long time whenever you want. You can prepare both light and delicious desserts with the recipes you can make with milk biscuits. You can experience the taste, freshness and naturalness with petit beurre.

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