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Turnib Salgam Hot Acili 1Lt

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Our company, which has gained 6 years of experience by adopting the principle of quality production, customer satisfaction and commercial ethics, also makes large-scale investments in order to produce at world standards in the business line that directly concerns human health, such as Turkish market food.

Turnib 1L Hot Turnip Juice

The substances in turnip juice reduce negative feelings such as stress, anxiety and anxiety. "What's the use of turnip juice?" Another important answer to the question is that it has an aphrodisiac effect. Turnip juice helps those who drink it in terms of sexuality and supports them to step into a better sexual life. The substances in Turkish market turnip juice strengthen bone health and tooth structure. This results in better oral health. In addition, the body becomes stronger and more resistant. Removal of toxins accumulated in the body over time becomes possible thanks to turnip juice. With the help of high lactic acid in turnip juice, the digestive system starts to work better.

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imtiaz patel
good service!

great product, good price and well shipped

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