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Anthap %100 Natural Honeycomb Honey (Dogal Karakovan Bali) 400 g

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Anthap %100 Natural Honeycomb Honey is the honey made by bees with their own wax secretions without adding artificial wax in natural, primitive log hives, and is called organic London Turkish market honeycomb honey. Rather than the name of honey, it is the method of how honey is produced and produced without containing any additives. Honeycomb honey, which is produced by bees taking honey from hundreds of different kinds of flowers in the high-altitude plains and plateaus of Turkey’s Bitlis, has a unique flavour with its aroma and quality.

Anthap %100 Natural Honeycomb Honey (Dogal Karakovan Bali) 400 g

Natural Honeycomb Honey contains antibacterial properties that have a protective function in the body. Stomach-friendly London Turkish market honey is good for stomach ailments. It is one-to-one against anaemia. It provides vitality to people. It has pain relieving properties. It is good for constipation and problems related to the digestive system. Organic Honeycomb Honey, which is a panacea, is also very good for skin health and hair. Eye-friendly is a blessing. It opens the veins of the person and is good for varicose veins. Organic Honeycomb Honey is a heart-friendly blessing. It is especially effective on cholesterol and has good results. It is very effective in diuretic. When it is desired to be consumed as a medicine, it should be consumed consciously under the control of a doctor.

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