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Maun Savoury Pastry (Sade Acma) 5 Pcs in a Pack

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Maun Savoury Pastry is a kind of pastry. It is the same as the logic of the pastry. In this respect, it can be said that the trench is a product made by changing the pastry. Opening is a softer and fluffier food, while the pastry is smaller and disperses in the mouth. Pogaca is also known as bundle in some regions. The reason for this is that it is cooked in the form of a bundle. The existence of Turkish market pastry and opening is known in Ottoman cuisine. In Western cuisine, small baguette-shaped breads and pastries are made. It can be said that the type of opening is made and known even though there are different versions in all world cuisines.

Maun Savoury Pastry 5 Pcs in a Pack

Ingredients: Wheat Flour (ascorbic acid, alpha amylase), Water, Yeast, Salt, Vegetable Margarine (date, cotton, emulsifier (mono and di glycerides of fatty acids, Sunflower lecithin), water, salt, acidity regulator (citric acid), preservative (potassium) sorbate), colorant (beta carotene), (antioxidant (E-321), Sugar, Additive for bread and bread varieties.

The important thing when rolling out is that the dough is well kneaded and swelled. Here, too, the quality of the opening materials is important. Using quality flour and high-quality yeast while making a Turkish market bread roll is the first condition for the bread to be soft.

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