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Maun Pastry Sheets (Yufka) 6 Pcs 750 g

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With Maun Pastry Sheets, you can try delicious pies or pastries at home. Thanks to Pastry Sheets, you can prepare London Turkish market snacks for your breakfast or tea time and enjoy it with your loved ones.

Maun Pastry Sheets 6 Pcs 750 g

The main ingredient of the pastry is as important as the person making the pastry, a good recipe can only achieve its full flavour with good ingredients. Now let's tell you a taste story; Fragrances started to rise from the oven. Curious eyes are waiting for the fate of the pastry, which is locked in the glass of the oven, fried like a pomegranate. The oven door is opened and the crispy outside and soft inside are now ready to be sliced and eaten. If you're dreaming of a crispy and fluffy pastry in this story, you can order Maun Pastry Sheets from London Turkish market in England right now!

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