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Maun Adana Pastry with Special Cheese (Peynirli Borek) 500 g

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Adana is one of our cities that amazes us with its local delicacies. This makes the city one of the gastronomy centres. Maun Adana Pastry, which consists of a wonderful combination of best supermarket baklava dough and cheese, is one of the recipes unique to Adana.

Maun Adana (Borek) 500 g

When making Adana pastry, you can use any melting cheese such as tongue, braid or string instead of Chechil cheese. Using good quality cheese ensures that the cheese stretches well after the pastry is baked. While preparing the sauce, the milk you use should be at room temperature to prevent the phyllo dough from falling apart. Butter should not burn while melting. Burnt butter may create an undesirable taste in the best supermarket pastry. As an alternative to the baklava phyllo that you cut into pieces and dip in sauce, you can also choose water pastry phyllo. While cooking the pastry, you should keep the stove on low heat so that the inside is cooked thoroughly.

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