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Ikra Ravioli / Traditional Turkish Dumplings with Mince Meat Bolu Type (Etli Bolu Mantisi) 700 Gr

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Embark on a culinary adventure with Ikra Dumplings with Meat 700g, a gastronomic delight that brings the essence of Turkish culture to your table. These carefully crafted dumplings, known as "manti" in Turkish, unveil a delightful combination of thin dough envelopes generously filled with a flavourful meat concoction. Packaged at 700g, this offering ensures an ample supply, allowing you to savour the authentic taste of best supermarket Turkish manti without the fuss of elaborate preparation.

Ikra Dumplings with Meat 700 GR

Ikra Dumplings with Meat stand as a testament to the culinary finesse deeply ingrained in Turkish traditions. Each dumpling is a masterpiece, showcasing the art of folding thin dough to cradle a delectable meat filling, resulting in a medley of tastes and textures. The convenience of the 700g packaging invites you to relish a swift and satisfying meal, embodying the authentic spirit of Turkish manti. Whether you choose to boil them and serve with a dollop of garlic-infused yogurt and a hint of butter, or opt for a comforting broth, these best supermarket dumplings bring forth the timeless flavours that have adorned Turkish tables for generations. Immerse yourself in the genuine taste of Ikra Dumplings with Meat, as they introduce the cosy ambiance and flavours of traditional Turkish home-cooked meals to your very own kitchen.

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frozent items came defrosted

All the frozen items I ordered, arrived defrosted. I will not use it again to order an frozen food from this shop.

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