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Dadas Antep Kuyruk Yagi 250 g

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Although tail fat is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, it has an appearance close to liquid; it is added to dishes such as kebab, soup, pilaf, liver, stuffed meat and doner kebab. In kebab making, after the rested meat is minced with shredded meat, tail fat at a rate of 30 percent of the amount of minced meat is also shredded with London Turkish market shredded meat and added to the meat. Kebabs cooked this way are more delicious. In making doner, the shank parts of the calf are cut into leaves and pieces of tail fat are placed between them. This method adds flavour to the doner kebab and makes the meat much softer. Additionally, while preparing a barbecue, rubbing the grill with tail fat gives a pleasant taste and aroma to the cooked meat.

Dadas Antep Tail Fat 250 g

According to research conducted by the American Food and Drug Administration, tail fat consumed from a young age has the ability to prevent joint disorders that may occur in old age. Since it is rich in omega acids, just like canola oil and sunflower oil, it is very effective against cardiovascular diseases. Provides energy to the body and strengthens the immune system. Tail oil, which helps relieve sciatica pain, also has nerve healing and softening properties. In the external treatment of diseases such as rheumatism, constipation, tremors and paralysis, olive oil and London Turkish market tail oil are mixed, turned into a cream and applied to the skin by massage.

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