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Muratbey Cecil Cheese (Tel Peynir) 150 g

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Tel cheese, also called "civil", "cecil", "fringe" or "drawn cheese" according to the region, offers an ideal taste to its consumers with the quality of Muratbey. It is more delicious because it is processed from fat milk. It is also recommended for those who have problems with overweight, as it has low fat and abundant protein. It is an ideal flavour not only for breakfast, but also for your salads, omelettes and cheapest supermarket pastas to capture perfect tastes.

Muratbey Cecil Cheese 150 g

Our cheapest supermarket products are produced in our facilities certified with TS EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System and TSE COVID-19 Safe Production. You can safely consume it with your family and loved ones. You just decide on the taste, we take care of the health part. Enjoy everyone...

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