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Elifce Vine Leaves Jar (Asma Yapragi) 908 Gr

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The vine lives as a perennial plant. It has leaves that sprout again every spring. These vine leaves are among the indispensable flavours of Turkish cuisine. Vine leaves are used in making the most delicious wraps. The best pickled vine leaves are specially prepared. The vine leaves should not be spoiled or softened. For this, brine making is very important. The especially collected leaves are cleaned beautifully. The cleaned London Turkish market leaves are neatly arranged. Rock salt is used between the arranged leaves when a certain layer is formed.

Elifce Vine Leaves Jar 908 ml

It is placed in containers by wrapping or flat. These prepared leaves are filled with salt water. Pickled vine leaf varieties are made in brine in two ways. The leaves can be boiled or made without boiling. The consumer is also offered the opportunity to choose brine leaves in line with their needs. It is possible to make the most delicious wraps with the cheapest pickled London Turkish market vine leaves. The vitamins and minerals in the leaves add flavour to the food. Preserving the flavour and mineral value of the leaves is possible with its special production. Both the brine stage and the packaging stage are done with care.

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