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The days of joy and gratitude: Eid Al-Fitr

Eid Al-Fitr or Ramazan/Seker Bayrami with its Turkish name has a deep significance for all Muslims. We, Turks, like to gather around big tables and eat, laugh, and have fun with our loved ones, particularly on holidays.

Eid traditions consist of some rituals that have survived from ancient times, such as collecting candy, giving pocket money to children, visiting relatives, and carefully preparing holiday tables. Among all these rituals, the taste of holiday tables, where we sit at the same table with our loved ones and relatives and chat with pleasure, is something else! Eid Al-Fitr’s spirit is marked by distinguished values and virtues such as thanksgiving and expressing gratitude to God, experiencing joy and rejoice, maintaining ties of kinship, and taking care of the poor and the needy.

Holidays are significant in Turkish social life. Children, young people, adults, and old people come to the mosques in groups and pray in awe. After the Eid prayer, people congratulate each other on Eid, then visit family elders, friends, relatives, and neighbours, kiss the hands of the elders, and receive their prayers. Holidays increase love and respect in the family and community. Again, one of our beautiful customs in our religious holidays is to make orphans, the poor and children happy, to extend helping hands to those in need, to show social assistance and solidarity. Also, those who are offended should not wait for the holiday but should reconcile immediately.

On Eid days the most delicious Ramadan desserts and traditional holiday dishes are carefully prepared, and then it takes their place at the feast table. The thing that adds meaning to these tables is of course our loved ones accompanying us. So, what are the indispensable tastes of these delightful Ramadan Feast tables?  

There you go some indispensable tastes that can give you an idea for the Ramadan Feast food menu and also some delicious holiday dishes and desserts:

1.The most indispensable holiday flavour: Stuffed vine leaves

 The first flavour that comes to mind when talking about traditional Turkish holiday dishes is stuffed vine leaves. Since it can be consumed cold, it is ideal for holiday tables. The day before the holiday, the leaves are wrapped like pens, cooked in the evening, and the next day it takes their place on the table in a cold way!

 2A palace dessert: Revani

Revani is one of the most delicious sherbet desserts. In addition, it has reached today from the Ottoman cuisine. The taste and the easy preparation feature make this wonderful dessert indispensable for festive tables. You can also include Revani in your holiday menu to sweeten the mouths of your loved ones this holiday.

3. For crowded tables: Olive oil stuffed peppers

Another traditional holiday dish is stuffed peppers with olive oil. While the bell peppers have taken their place on the counters in their freshest form, it is impossible not to include this magnificent flavour on our holiday tables!

 4. A renowned holiday dessert: Homemade baklava

 With only a few days left until the feast, we have already started the preparations for the feast menu. Well, don't you think homemade baklava would be included in a meal menu prepared for a Ramadan Feast? Of course, it does! Homemade baklava takes first place among the holiday desserts and therefore it is an indispensable part of the holiday tables.

5. Classic but delicious: Types of pastries

Another indispensable part of the festive table is pastries. Whether it's with cheese, potatoes, or minced meat; all types of pastries that you can prepare depending on your preference add flavour to the holiday tables equally.

6. King of the tables: Rice with chicken

Chicken rice is a traditional dish to serve guests on Turkish tables. Therefore, it is also ideal for festive tables. Moreover, its harmony with sherbet desserts and frothy ayran (Turkish traditional drink made with yoghurt) is also unique.

7. Recalling the old holidays: Rose dessert

We are sure that you remember the old holiday days you missed. Rose dessert is one of the most famous desserts with syrup. You can also include this delicious dessert on your holiday table to recall the old days. Rose dessert, named after their shape, is formed by wrapping three pieces of dough cut in a tea glass width in the form of a roll. Desserts, which look like rosebuds with hazelnuts set in the middle, open up in layers while baking in the oven. It is served after meeting with warm syrup.

 8. Something crunchy: Kadayif

 One of the indispensable desserts on the holiday tables is kadayif. Moreover, it is extremely suitable for serving guests. If you are in preparation for an Eid menu, you can choose to add kadayif to your table as atraditional flavour that your guests will always remember.

As you can see there are loads of Turkish flavours for Eid feasts. You can choose the one that best suits your taste among the wonderful Ramadan desserts in our article. When you live abroad, the holidays are filled with even more longing. We have no choice but to celebrate with our loved ones through the screens. But don’t forget that it was almost impossible in the last century. We wish you a happy, healthy, and joyful Eid. Eid Mubarak to everyone and particularly to the ones who are living away from Home.


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