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Yorem Kars Kuflu Peynir Cheese 100 Gr

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Yorem Kars Mouldy Cheese, which differs from cheese types with both its texture and taste, is loved and consumed by a wide range of consumers. It is an option that stands out not only with its taste but also with the benefits of London Turkish market mouldy cheese. It differs from other cheeses in terms of price because it is very difficult to make. Mouldy cheeses are prepared in various ways in different world cuisines. Mouldy cheeses, which differ from each other in terms of name, content and flavour, have many different alternatives.

Yorem Kars Mouldy Cheese 100 G

Mouldy cheese varieties can be consumed for a long time without any problems thanks to their durable structure. The London Turkish market products, which are highly preferable in many respects, can be eaten directly or used in different recipes, if desired. Individuals who want to experience this flavour by purchasing mouldy cheese can consider lower weight alternatives among the options. You can follow the discounts closely to take advantage of the most affordable mouldy cheese varieties.

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