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Yayla Premium Garlic Sausage (Parmak Sucuk) 200 Gr

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Yayla Premium Garlic Sausage, produced with the delicious aroma of fresh spices and 100% beef, meets with a crispy bread; you have no choice but to make a delicious start to the weekend! You can order this delicious best supermarket product right now from Best Grocery with a single click.

Yayla Premium Garlic Sausage 200 G

"Yayla Premium Garlic Sausage" is the choice of those who cannot give up the pleasure of barbecue. It is also the most useful member of our family with its suitability for consumption as a single portion. It is produced by traditional fermentation method using natural intestine and natural garlic. We produce all our best supermarket sausages by fermentation method. We mature the sausages put in natural casings for 7 days. Since we know the conditions of our region (humidity, temperature, wind, etc.) very well during this 7-day period, we use these factors at the right time and in the right amount, which enable us to reach the unique taste.

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