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Tamek Fried Aubergine Tin (Kızartilmis Patlican) 380 G

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Aubergine, one of the most preferred vegetables in Turkish food culture, also creates practicality and taste in products such as fried aubergine canned, which you can use ready-made among food and cooking materials. Tamek Fried Aubergine 380 g product, which reaches your tables with the quality and trust of the Tamek brand, creates a comfortable consumption for 365 days with its additive-free and ready-to-serve feature. You can easily find Tamek products on London Turkish market shelves.

Tamek Fried Aubergine Tin 380 G

Tamek Fried Aubergine Tin 380 G, which you can purchase in the Soups and Ready Meals section of London Turkish market stores, creates a delicious fried aubergine menu, which is freshly picked and fried in natural oil during the most beautiful season of summer. This product, which you can consume ready to serve as soon as it is opened, together with its nutritious feature, creates a practical solution that can be consumed immediately at work or during late dinners.

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