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Tadim Roasted & Extra Salted Black Sunflower Seeds (Ekstra Tuzlu Kavrulmus Aycekirdegi) 150 g

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Tadim Black Roasted & Extra Salted Sunflower Seeds 145 g will be one of the most special snacks of movie nights or friends meetings. You can join this London Turkish market feast of taste with its magnificent fresh structure and the care taken during the production phase. It is among the remarkable details that it offers a satisfying level of taste as well as its crispy structure.

Tadim Roasted & Extra Salted Black Sunflower Seeds (Kavrulmus Aycekirdegi) 150 g

Have plenty of water ready with you. Sunflower seeds, which are indispensable for pleasant moments, are now with you with plenty of salt. Roasted and salty sunflower seeds, which we consume with pleasure at home, on the street, at school, in short, everywhere with their addictive taste, are in Tadim brand with all its freshness. You can get this amazing London Turkish market taste right now from our online shelves. We wish you a pleasant time in your shopping...

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