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Sutas Grill Cheese (Izgara Peyniri) 225g

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Sütaş Halloumi Cheese; It is produced with the ideal mixture of cow, goat and sheep milk. Halloumi Cheese, which has a medium hard structure, is fried in a pan and consumed hot. It adds Turkish market flavour to your breakfasts, cheese plates and tables.

Cheese, one of the most consumed dairy products, is one of the indispensable tastes of our breakfast tables with its different flavours. It is possible to taste Turkish market cheeses with different flavours in almost every region of our country, which is rich in terms of local cheese diversity. Halloumi cheese, whose homeland is Northern Cyprus, is a dairy product produced by mixing goat, sheep or cow milk. Halloumi cheese, which has a semi-hard and dense texture, is a white cheese type close to yellow. The consumption of halloumi cheese, which has been produced in Northern Cyprus for many years, has increased recently in our country. Halloumi cheese, like other dairy products, is a food item with a high nutritional value.

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