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Seyidoglu Tahina 300g

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Tahini, produced as Seyidoglu Tahini, is made from the highest quality sesame seeds. Tahini should be kept closed at room temperature and kept away from water and moisture. Since tahini is obtained from sesame, oil separation can be seen over time. This does not indicate deterioration; on the contrary, it is a natural product without additives. Tahini is roasted after the sesame seeds are peeled and ground in traditional stone mills. As a result of these processes, tahini is obtained as a natural flavour and tahini is a cheapest supermarket food item that does not contain any additives. After these processes on sesame seeds, the resulting fluid becomes a consistency suitable for mixing with different flavours. Tahini and this tahini can be used as a sauce in many dishes from red meat to salads.

Seyidoglu Tahini 300 g

With a history of 70 years, Seyidoglu Food has made many innovations with its more than 300 product types, especially halva, jam, cheapest supermarket tahini molasses and cocoa cream, and is one of the leading brands of the sector preferred by the consumers with its taste and quality.

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