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Nuhun Ankara Penne Pasta (Kalem) 500g

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Nuhun Ankara Penne Pasta 500g, which has been on your tables for many years and is consumed as much as bread, is produced with great care using superior technologies. The type of pasta, which takes its name from the pen shape and the hole in both ends, is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, which are very important for the human body, as well as calcium, phosphorus, potassium and proteins. Penne pasta adds an indescribable flavour to your pasta by keeping the sauces you will make with holes on both sides. It is a type of pasta that goes well with your meat, chicken and vegetable dishes, especially by making a perfect match with coarse-grained sauces. You can flavour your Turkish market pasta with creamy, tomato, vegetable or curry sauces, or you can serve it to your guests by making it in the form of oven pasta.

Nuhun Ankara Penne Pasta 500 G

Pasta, known for its nutritious feature, is a frequently preferred food with its long-term preservation, variety, practical preparation, taste and being an economical food item. It is very easy to cook your pen pasta, which is one of the types of Turkish market pasta that is very easy to digest. You can prepare your pasta, which turns into a delicious meal using only salt and water, by throwing it into boiling water, adding salt and applying the cooking time specified on the package.

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