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No 35 Urla Tarhana Ev Yapımı Doğal Katkısız (Tarhana Soup Mix Homemade Natural) 400 Gr

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You can warm yourself with a tarhana on its smoke. We have prepared it by adding tarhana grass, onions, tomatoes, red pepper, flour, yogurt, chickpeas, mint, salt and lots of love so that you can offer fresh, natural and healthy tastes to your children. We put our natural tarhana on the cheapest supermarket shelves and brought it to our valued customers. When we think of soup, tarhana soup from Turkey comes to mind first.

No35 Urla Tarhana Soup Mix Homemade Natural 400 Gr

Tarhana soup, which is rich in vitamins and minerals, is a very nutritious soup obtained by drying wheat flour, yogurt, yeast, tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic and various spices after kneading. Today, the consumption of tarhana is increasing day by day with the effect of turning to natural and healthy nutrition. In parallel with the increasing consumption of tarhana, the amount of tarhana produced in our country is increasing every year. Tarhana production can be done in small-scale homes, as well as in large enterprises in a systematic and planned way; home-type tarhana production is made. We continue to break new ground with the responsibility of being the most important organic tarhana producer in Turkey by producing organic tarhana as well as additive-free homemade tarhana.

We kneaded tarhana, which takes us to our childhood even with its smell, so that your children can taste it, and we prepared our special cheapest supermarket tarhana, the taste of which will remain on your palate. Not only that, we have packed this unique flavour into eco-friendly, food-friendly Kraft packages. We wish you to enjoy our tarhana with your loved ones, stay healthy...



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