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No 35 Urla Karanfilli Ayva Receli Ev Yapimi Dogal 300 G (Quince Jam With Gloves Homemade Natural) 300 Gr

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Quince, which is very rich in vitamins and indispensable fruit of the winter season, is on your tables in all seasons... Quince, the indispensable Turkish market fruit of the winter season, is very rich in phosphorus, zinc, sodium, potassium, iron and selenium as well as vitamins A, B, and C. comes to your breakfast table. It is a completely different pleasure to consume quince as a cure-all. Enjoy your meal.

No 35 Urla Quince Jam with Cloves Homemade Natural 300 G

Quince jam is one of the most preferred jams among jam types. Quince jam is one of the indispensable tastes of especially morning breakfasts. The unique taste harmony of quince fruit and jam causes quince jam to become a product used in desserts as well. Quince jam is consumed with pleasure by combining it with both cheese and butter at breakfast. Jam is a product obtained by boiling sugar and fruit, which is preferred in jam making. Jam is often confused with marmalade because of this recipe. However, jam and marmalade are flavours that differ from each other due to the differences in the production stages and the differences in their tastes. The first difference between Turkish market jam and marmalade is the difference in making. According to this, the fruit used in jam is used without being pureed, that is, without being crushed, while the fruit is used in marmalade by being crushed and pureed. In taste, which is another difference between jam and marmalade, the taste of sugar is more prominent in jam, while the taste of fruit comes to the fore in marmalade. Although the fruits to be used in jam production are not recommended, they can be chosen from fruits that have no economic value.

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