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Koska Tahin Jar 600gr

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Organic tahini is produced by the Koska brand from naturally grown sesame seeds without the use of synthetic drugs, fertilizers or hormones. Organic Koska tahini, produced in state-of-the-art production facilities, is a certified product. Every stage of the product, which is subject to various inspections, is carefully followed. The fact that it is rich in iron as well as many vitamins and minerals allows consumers to include this product in their eating habits. Tahini, which adds a completely different aroma by changing the taste of food, is also used in the production of a traditional flavour that has a place in Turkish cuisine, such as halva. The main ingredient of halva, which does not contain additives and is produced with natural sugar beet, is tahini. Tahini halva, where it is possible to see all kinds of it, especially on breakfast tables, can also be a healthy snack for children.

Koska Tahini Jar 600g

Koska tahini varieties are packaged in different packages and presented to the consumer. You can consume tahini without waiting, thanks to the packaging sizes you can choose according to your needs. For example, a 300 g glass jar of Koska tahini is the ideal size to add to breakfast dishes. In addition, 600 gr or 1100 gr cans Koska tahini varieties are also available. Types of cans may be easier in terms of use. Thanks to the handle on the side, you can pour as much as you want and add it to the food you want. It will be simple to store the rest later. Due to its structure, tahini is a type of food that accumulates oil on the upper side when it is kept. All you have to do is mix it well before use. Since the canned tahini can be mixed by shaking, it can give you an advantage in this regard. Koska tahini with high nutritional value can be found in large 4 kg jars. If you are using tahini extensively or if you want to meet the London Turkish market tahini needs of your company in the food sector, a kilo tahini is an ideal alternative offered by the Koska brand. If you want a healthy, natural and delicious product, Koska organic tahini variety may be the flavour you are looking for.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Daphne Tucker
Very good

Really good, the authentic taste, well mixed...

Mais Ko
Tasty and high quality

I used to live in Turkey before i came to UK, Koska was my favorite tahini and it is still the best

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