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Karahasan Kavurma 100% Selected Beef Halal 125 Gr

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In order to understand this delicious food, which is one of the most special products of Anatolian cuisine, first of all, “What is braised meat?” You need to find an answer to the question. The best grocery stores food prepared in different styles in cities such as Antep, Urfa, Adana, Malatya and Van in Turkey is created by chopping the meat obtained from small and bovine animals into cubes and roasting them in tail fat. Tail fat, which freezes in a short time at room temperature and in the refrigerator, has a protective effect on the meat in the product.


Karahasan Braised Meat 100% Selected Beef Halal 125 G

In this way, the product, which can remain intact for a long time, can be consumed for a long time, just like canned foods and pickles. The products prepared by braised meat companies, on the other hand, allow you to reach this unique flavour effortlessly, thus saving you time. Ready-made best grocery stores products, which eliminate the necessity of dealing with the process of preparing the food, leave a unique mark on your tables with their high quality.


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