Incircim Natural Dried Mountain Fig (Dogal Kurutulmus Dag Inciri) 250 — Best Grocery
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Incircim Natural Dried Mountain Fig (Dogal Kurutulmus Dag Inciri) 250 Gr

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We bring these delicious and high quality figs collected in the gardens in Aydin directly to your table at an affordable price. We preserve and preserve it in the healthiest way without losing its nutritional value from the Aegean Region, where the country's best quality figs are obtained. We collect this miraculous fruit from Aydin with love, effort and care and present it to you as 100% natural. While preserving the rich nutritional values of our Turkish grocery products, we never compromise your health!

Incircim Natural Dried Mountain Fig 250 G

Our mountain figs are very suitable for individuals who want to feed their children natural products. It is also evident that it is natural from its smell to its taste. You can experience this useful and healthy Turkish grocery food right now with the difference of Best Grocery. We wish all our customers healthy days.

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