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Hatice Teyze Olive Seasoning (Zeytin Baharati) 50 g

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Hatice Teyze Olive Seasoning will be the favourite of your delicious tables! This product, which you can use in olives, in meals or in salty pastries, consists of 4 different seasonings. Olive seasoning is obtained by mixing several different seasonings in a certain ratio. The seasonings in the olive seasoning mix; chili pepper, black cumin, thyme and coriander. Each seasoning is produced by Hatice Teyze. The reason why London Turkish market olive seasoning is so delicious is that it is produced in the right seasonal conditions and in the right regions. For example, Hatice Teyze chili pepper is produced from the best peppers obtained in season from Gaziantep in Turkey. Each vegetable and herb is produced under the right conditions and collected from the region. The secret of flavour of olive seasoning stems from this.

Hatice Teyze Olive Seasoning 50 g

These seasonings are known not only for their taste but also for their benefits. The high vitamin C in pepper, the magnesium, zinc, selenium, B1, B2, B6 vitamins in black cumin and the A and C vitamins in coriander and many minerals in the composition of thyme make these seasonings extremely valuable.

Olive seasoning can be easily stored in a cool and dry environment, away from direct sunlight. In a short time, mould and worming problems may occur in London Turkish market seasoning jars that are moist and exposed to sunlight. When adding to pots or oven dishes, make sure that the jar does not come into contact with food steam. Add the amount of seasoning you want in a separate bowl and then sprinkle it on the food you want. In this way, you keep the steam of the food away from the seasoning jar.